Tillandsia Usneoides Rare Fine Green Moss

Product image 1Usneoides fine green moss air plant tillandsia
Product image 2Usneoides fine green moss air plant hanging plant holders
Product image 3Usneoides fine green moss air plant hanging metal plant holder
Product image 4Usneoides fine green moss air plant wall mounted metal display
Product image 5Usneoides fine green moss air plant vertical garden
Product image 6Usneoides fine green moss air plant wall mounted holder metal

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Tillandsia Usneoides Rare Fine Green Moss is the greenest and also most thin form of Spanish Moss.  This moss is greenhouse grown in CA, and is higher quality and more moist than outdoor moss which is usually dried out.  It has loose hair-like strands that have no root structure.  Usneoides Rare Fine Green looks incredible when hung from the wall or a hanging display.  The picture here with multiple Hanging Rings shows both types of moss sold here.

Air Plant Care:  Usneoides likes to be misted often and/or soaked weekly.  Be sure when misting to also reach the innermost strands so that the entire plant gets wet.    It can be kept indoors in bright indirect light, or outdoors in the shade where there is still bright light.  If your plant starts looking a little dried out, soak it in water for about an hour.

Combine with Welder Girl hanging planters and wall mounted planters to create a vertical garden in your home.  This moss air plant works well with: hanging rings, medium or large hanging prisms, small/medium/XL hanging circles with claw, and small or large wall mounted claws or springs.  Plant holders sold separately.



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