Tillandsia Setacea Clump

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Tillandsia Setacea Clump is known as the needle leaf plant.  It can have a dark maroon color to the leaves when given more light, and when in bloom it develops flowering spikes with lavender blooms.  It has a unique clumping pattern of many smaller Setacea plants, which can be separated into new plants or left together  which can grow to a few pounds. 

Air Plant Care: Setacea Clumps are easy to take care of and can be kept indoors or outdoors in full sun or low light.  If indoors where there's less ventilation, be sure to always shake the excess water out of the plant after watering to make sure the inner area doesn't stay wet and then rot.  Setacea Clumps like a medium amount of water.  You can mist every few days or soak once a week for an hour. 

Add a Welder Girl metal air plant holder to add some magic to your house.  Easily create a wall garden, hanging vertical garden, or tabe top display sure to brighten the room.  Oaxacana work well with large spring and small or medium claw shaped holders, as well as medium or large hanging prisms.  Plant holders sold separately.

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