Tillandsia Tectorum

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Tillandsia Tectorum are known for their white snowball appearance and are fuzzy, soft, and light.  They are covered in more trichomes/tiny hairs than almost any other air plant.  Tectorum can grow to be the size of softballs,  and can also produce baby pups at their bases which can be separated into new plants.

Air Plant Care: Tectorum don't need as much water as other plants so like to be dunked a few times in water once a week, rather than fully submerged for a full hour.  If you do leave them in water with your other plants then only leave them in 1/4 of the time the other plants are soaking.  You can alternatively mist them with water about twice a week.  They resist droughts well so can handle more direct light.

Add a Welder Girl hand made metal air plant holder to display plants in stunning displays on walls, hanging vertical gardens, or in table top stands.  Small Tectorum work well with any small sized spring or claw shaped holder.  The small also works with small and medium hanging prisms. Large Tectorum fit well with large spring, and medium claw air plant holders.  Large also fits with medium or large hanging prisms, and hanging XL steel circles.



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