Tillandsia Oaxacana

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Tillandsia Oaxacana has a silvery green color with dark purple toward the tips of it's blades.  It has soft leaves and a wider bushy appearance. When in bloom it has a giant pink or violet flower sprout out of it's center.

Air Plant Care: Oaxacana like bright indirect light, and an average amount of waterings.  Mist plant or submerge in water a few times weekly, soak for an hour once a week, or do a combo of the two. Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent burns on the leaves.

Add a Welder Girl metal air plant holder to display plants in hanging vertical gardens, wall gardens, and table top stands.  Oaxacana works well with any medium claw or large spring shaped holders.  It also fits with the XL hanging Circle, and all sizes of hanging prisms. Plant holders sold separately.


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