Tillandsia Brachycaulos

Product image 1air plants brachycaulos indoor plants
Product image 2air plants indoor plants tillandsia brachycaulos
Product image 3air plants brachycaulos metal stand display
Product image 4metal air plant display table top tillandsia
Product image 5air plants brachycaulos indoor plants
Product image 6air plants brachycaulos indoor plants

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Tillandsia Brachycaulos is a hybrid air plant which has straight and shiny medium green leaves.  It is naturally found in high elevations in Central America, and prefers brighter indirect light and frequent waterings.  If given more light it will grow more quickly and also bloom gorgeous red leaves with a  purple flower. The plant turns back to green after the bloom cycle.

Air Plant Care: Brachycaulos like to be submerged in water for an hour once a week, or misted a few times a week.  If misting is your primary watering method, be sure to intersperse a few hour long soakings during the month as well.

Add a Welder Girl hand made air plant holder to create a table top display, hanging garden, or wall garden in your home.  Small Brachycaulos work well with any small spring, small claw, or cylinder shaped displays as well as small or medium hanging prisms.  Medium size Brachycaulos fit with large spring, small or medium claw, and medium or large prism displays.  Plant holders sold separately.


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