Cylinder Base Air Plant Holder

Product image 1air-plant-holder-house-plants-metal-stands-tube
Product image 2air-plant-holder-house-plants-metal-stands-steel-tube-tillandsia
Product image 3air-plant-holder-house-plants-metal-stands-steel-tube-tillandsia-display
Product image 4air-plant-holder-house-plants-metal-stands-steel-tube-tillandsia-display-purple
Product image 5air-plant-holder-house-plants-metal-stands-steel-tube-tillandsia-display-green
Product image 6air-plant-holder-house-plants-metal-stands-steel-tube-tillandsia-display-blue-sparkle
Product image 7air-plant-holder-house-plants-metal-stands-steel-tube-tillandsia-display-gold-sparkle
Product image 8air-plant-holder-house-plants-metal-stands-steel-tube-tillandsia-display-colorful

Regular price $24.00

   The Cylinder Base air plant holder is a 2" steel cylinder that sits flat on a table top to display plants.  It comes in 5 colors: raw steel, purple, green, blue sparkle, and gold sparkle.  The Cylinder Base works well with air plants that have a more pointed base including smaller Brachycaulos and Harrisii,  and small to medium Velutina and Stricta.  Air plants sold separately.

    Hand made in the USA.  All Welder Girl products are powder coat finished and waterproof.

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